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Alliant ASO creates customized, integrated healthcare solutions that ensure patients receive high quality, medically necessary services in the appropriate setting. Our services enable our customers to meet the challenges of today's health care environment while improving the health and outcomes of individuals and provider processes. As an expert resource in the public sector market for health care management and information services, Alliant ASO has an in-depth understanding of health care delivery, clinical care and financing for federal and state programs.

With leading systems technology tools and an extensive roster of experienced professionals, Alliant ASO offers integrated management services and clinically appropriate care in a way that is cost-effective and financially beneficial through utilization management, quality improvement, program integrity and medical review. We also offer independent review services to organizations, providers, or individuals needing a valuable second opinion when clinicians or patients believe one is required.

All our solutions and services are sourced from a broad set of clinical expertise from a clinical consultant roster of over 300 practicing physicians, pharmacists, and allied health professionals representing 60 clinical specialties, all available to support our contracts and projects. Our medical decisions are evidence-based and supported by the use of nationally accepted criteria. These abilities, coupled with our commitment and focus on innovation, have helped create the keystone of our success for the last 50 years.


By choosing Alliant, you gain a trusted partner who can provide resources to aid the implementation of programs that can achieve the Triple Aim. The Triple Aim is defined as delivering health care that improves the quality of the individual patient experience, improves the health of populations and reduces the per-capita costs of care for populations. Ultimately acheiving:

  - Better Care

  - Healthier People

  - Smarter Spending


Alliant's uses a three-prong approach to its work by being clinically led, technology driven and customer focused. We help make health care better by providing services that make health care safer and more effective. With decades of experience and access to hundreds of clinical specialists, our size allows us to provide excellent customer service and adapt to customer needs—all while inevitably putting patients first. 

Clinically Led:
Over the past 50 years, Alliant has been a clinically-led organization with operations that are clinically-driven. Our medical directors are more than integral staff to support program operations, they serve as stewards of their profession and actively take on a leadership and mentorship roles in the provider community.  We also are supported by a large group of consulting physicians and other licensed professionals providing expert knowledge and judgment for evaluation of requests for services. These clinicians practice in urban and rural settings and represent approximately 70 medical specialties.


Technology Driven:

Alliant streamlines processes, expands capabilities and drives program change through innovative, proprietary technology solutions. We have developed and own the technology systems as they are tailored to meet customer needs without relying on third parties or outside vendors. This enables us to be responsive to program needs and to accurately predict what is required to customize the systems to meet those needs. Our current platforms and approaches, combined with an ongoing commitment to innovation, meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow.


Customer Focused:
Responsiveness to customer requests and needs is a vital part of our business relationship. Our corporate capabilities give us flexibility and cost-efficiency in meeting new requirements throughout the life of our business partnerships. Many of our services and products are customized specifically to better serve customer program goals. We concentrate not only on routinely delivering and meeting performance goals and metrics, but consistently exceeding them. 

Alliant analytics, system driven reviews and feedback to health plans all support the goal of achieving the Triple Aim. Alliant provides support in various lines of work such as:

  • Healthcare Quality Improvement - Making health care safer and more effective = Better Care + Healthier People - READ MORE.
  • Utilization Management - The right care in the right setting for the right duration = Better Care + Healthier People + Smarter Spending - READ MORE.
  • Program Integrity - Ensuring compliance and reducing improper payment, fraud, wast and abuse = Better Care + Smarter Spending - READ MORE.


Alliant ASO Managed Care

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