At Alliant ASO, we create customized, integrated healthcare solutions that ensure that patients are receiving high quality, medically necessary services in the appropriate setting. Not only do our services enable our customers to meet the challenges of today's health care environment, they improve the health and outcomes of individuals while improving provider processes. We have developed the reputation as an expert resource in the public sector market for health care management and information services. In fact, through our company's experience in federal and state programs, Alliant ASO has developed an in-depth understanding of health care delivery, clinical care and financing.

Featuring leading systems technology and a background of experienced professionals, we are able to offer integrated management services and clinically appropriate care in a way that is cost-effective and financially beneficial for our clients. We do this through our major product/service lines: utilization management, quality improvement, program integrity and medical review. We also offer independent review services to organizations, providers, or individuals needing a valuable second opinion when clinicians or patients believe one is required.) All our solutions and services draw from a broad set of clinical expertise. We feature a clinical consultant roster of over 330 practicing physicians, pharmacists, dentists, and allied health professionals representing 60 clinical specialties, all available to support our contracts and projects. Our medical decisions are evidence-based and backed by the use of nationally accepted criteria. These abilities, coupled with our commitment and focus on innovation, help create the keystone of our success for the last 35 years. For us, and for our clients.