Who We Are

Alliant ASO, in conjunction with our parent company Alliant Health Group, is a professional services organization dedicated to improving the quality, safety, and integrity of health care. Founded in 1970, we have 50 years of experience with continuous quality improvement in health care for a variety of government health care programs. A key component of our corporate identity involves forming partnerships with other professional organizations to extend our reach and effectiveness. In fact, our collaborative relationships with providers, practitioners, employers, and community groups help define the way we do business.

Our staff includes physicians, registered nurses, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, board certified behavior analysts (BCBA), health care administrators, epidemiologists, bio-statisticians, and data analysts. In addition to our professional staff, we feature a clinical consultant roster of over 330 practicing physicians, pharmacists, dentists, and allied health professionals representing 60 clinical specialties, each available to support our contracts and projects. We are, of course, an equal opportunity employer with a widely diversified staff.