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Managed Care

Services Customized to Meet the Needs of Managed Care Entities

Alliant ASO provides Medicaid managed care entities and commercial health plans with services, expertise, and information systems necessary to increase the effectiveness, accessibility and value of health care. While being led by clinicians, driven by technology and guided by policy, Alliant ASO creates customized, integrated healthcare solutions that ensure patients are receiving high quality, medically necessary services in the appropriate setting.

As an expert resource in the public sector market in health care management and information services, Alliant ASO has developed an in-depth understanding of health care delivery, clinical care and financing. Our services enable health plans to meet the challenges of today's health care environment as they improve the health and outcomes of individuals, while lowering the cost of quality health care.

  • Supporting the Triple Aim  - Alliant services assist health plans to achieve the Triple Aim. Learn more

  • Lower Cost of Care - Reduce overutilization and achieve savings. Learn more

  • Improve Quality of Care - Achieve better care and improve outcomes. Learn more

  • Ensure Compliance -  Improve provider adherence to requirements and meet health plan contract and regulatory obligations. Learn more

  • Reduce Fraud, Waste, Abuse - Increase SIU referrals and reduce abusive behaviors in billing and utilization. Learn more

  • Provider Engagement - Improve provider engagement with data and reports that enhance interactions. Learn more


Alliant ASO in Action

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The Triple Aim                                              Benefits of Provider Monitioring   


System Generated Reports - Provider Level                 System Driven Clinical Reviews